Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Sacrament Meeting Talks

      Throughout the summer, we were invited to speak at a lot of LDS sacrament meetings. We loved these opportunities because we got to share our pioneer stories, testimonies of faith, and sing “Come, Come ye Saints”!

     Denise Mathews is our fabulous accompanist, and she has followed us all around the state! We are so grateful for her kindness and dedication to helping us perform. Denise's cousin, Aubrie, played the violin with us during our musical number which was beautiful. 

     We have all served missions, grown up speaking in church, and given public speeches, but I think it is safe to say we spoke more this summer than our whole lives combined! Often, we spoke 3 times on Sunday and was driving from church building to church building to speak. It was incredibly busy, but also a very spiritual experience to speak in spiritual places.

Wards we spoke in this summer:

July 10th- South Weber 6th Ward
July 10th- Jordan North 2nd Ward

July 17th- Riverton 13th Ward
July 17th- Hunter 8th Ward
July 17th- Jordan North 4th Ward

July 24th- Orchard Park Ward
July 24th- Single Adult Fireside 

July 31st- Jordan North 8th Ward
July 31st- Copper Hills 1st Ward

August 14th- Spencer 1st Ward
August 14th- Spencer 2nd Ward

August 21st- Lancer Way Ward

August 28th- Highland 3rd Ward

September 18th- Mission Preparation fireside in St. George

If you would like to schedule the Royalty to come and speak in your ward next summer, please contact Cathy at 801-580-8565.

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