Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Faces of 2017

Royalty for 2017 Days of ’47 were crowned Saturday, April 22, 2017.  
The pageant featured 21 contestants from Idaho and many areas of Utah.  

The queen is Maren Cline, the daughter of Russ and Melou Cline of North Salt Lake.  She is an accomplished harpist and pianist, and is classically trained in opera.  

The First attendant is Tess Hanson, daughter of Karl and Tammy Hanson of South Jordan.  She was a Bingham High School class officer in student government for two years and has had musical training in drums, guitar, violin and voice.  

The Second attendant is Brittny Millington, daughter of Aaron and Laura Millington of South Jordan, who served as a member of the South Jordan Youth Executive Council, and volunteered with the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah and with the Intermountain Healthcare Traumatic Brain injury support group. 

The recipient of the coveted Annie Taylor Hyde Award is Elizabeth Aust, daughter of David and Mary Aust of Rexburg, Idaho, who is a songwriter and vocal performance Sterling Scholar.  She was selected by a majority vote of the other contestants. 

The Royalty was chosen during a pageant held April 22nd at the LDS Conference Center. They were selected by a panel of judges based on talks centered on this year’s theme, “Pioneers Visions of a New Horizon!” Their goals, accomplishments, poise, leadership, answers to judges’ questions, and family genealogy with pioneers who came to the Salt Lake Valley between 1847 and May 10, 1869 were other qualifications. As they travel and speak this summer, our Royalty will be an example to young women who hear their message. They will represent the Days of ’47 and International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.  Numerous Days of ’47 events occur during July. Go to for dates and locations. The Days of ’47 Royalty will attend all of these activities. They are available for appearances and speaking engagements. 

Please contact their advisor Cathy Ehlert at 801-274-1224 or 801-580-8565 or to schedule these lovely young ladies. 

Saying Goodbye to 2017

This is a link to view our Year in Review video. We were able to help with 90 events this year (2 in the last week of our reign!), and have loved being able to meet so many wonderful people. Thank you for all your love, support, and helping to keep the Pioneer Spirit alive! 

If we've learned anything this year, it's to not miss the chance to take a fun photo when a photographer is near! 
We can't thank Cathy Ehlert and Judy Binns enough to their tireless efforts to help make this Royalty wonderful! They accompany us to all of our events, schedule events, and do the leg work for the pageant and the wonderful year. We love you both! 

As a final fun fact, as of one week after the pageant, all three of the 2017 Royalty were engaged or married! Baylee is engaged to Matthew Montgomery, Rachel is engaged to Keith Manis, and Stephanie is married to Ryan Short. This is year we will never forget!!
-2016 Days of '47 Royalty

Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 Pageant

The Days of '47 Pageant is filled with a busy and exciting weekend of events! The contestants first met at a seminar by Kathy Loveless, "Seminar for Success". They then rehearsed for 2 hours, and then attended the Royalty Ball at the Capitol Rotunda. The Ball is a chance for the contestants to socialize in a non-competitive space, bring dates, and have fun dancing. Friday was then busy with another rehearsal, and half of the contestants had an interview with the judges. Saturday morning, the rest of the contestants interviewed with the judges, ran through of the entire pageant, then the Pageant began! The contestants first competed in an afternoon portion where they wore business wear and gave a 40 second speech about the theme, “Pioneers – Visions of a New Horizon". The evening portion of the pageant begins after all the contestants had a delicious dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and pictures on Temple Square. During the evening portion, the contestants wore formal gowns and answered an on-stage question. The Top 10 were chosen, and they came back on stage to answer a final question. From there, the Annie Taylor Hyde Award was given to Elizabeth Aust, who was voted from her fellow contestants to exemplify kindness, and the pure spirit of the pioneers. Then the 2017 Royalty was announced: 2nd Attendant Brittny Millington, 1st Attendant Tess Hanson, and Queen Maren Cline. 

Although a lot is happening during the weekend, aside from college finals and work, this experience is wonderful! The contestants meet new friends, gain confidence from trying something new, and come away with a new sense of pride for the Utah Pioneers. 

Pictures on Temple Square- a HUGE thank you to Chuck Uibel and Lloyd Blackburn who volunteer their time to photograph the pageant! 

Our beautiful 21 Contestants performing the opening number

Top 10 Finalists

Sam Payne, our wonderful emcee and entertainer!

Constance, the Pageant Director, and Maurine, President of The International Society of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Pageant Application Now Available

This video is a small portion of the adventures we have had this year! It has been an unforgettable experience, and 3 lucky women will be chosen in April. The 2017 Royalty Pageant Application is now available on the DUP website! Please share with those you know who might like a change at scholarship money and and an amazing year of serving and representing our Great State!

To view the video, follow this link to YouTube:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Party

The Days of '47 Executive Board hosted their annual Christmas party and we were lucky to attend. We had dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we sang "Joy to the World" and got to share a little bit about our time as Royalty this year. We were then able to attend The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert, which was amazing! We are grateful to volunteer our time next to people who are selfless and give so much of themselves throughout the year to make The Days of '47 celebration so great.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Sacrament Meeting Talks

      Throughout the summer, we were invited to speak at a lot of LDS sacrament meetings. We loved these opportunities because we got to share our pioneer stories, testimonies of faith, and sing “Come, Come ye Saints”!

     Denise Mathews is our fabulous accompanist, and she has followed us all around the state! We are so grateful for her kindness and dedication to helping us perform. Denise's cousin, Aubrie, played the violin with us during our musical number which was beautiful. 

     We have all served missions, grown up speaking in church, and given public speeches, but I think it is safe to say we spoke more this summer than our whole lives combined! Often, we spoke 3 times on Sunday and was driving from church building to church building to speak. It was incredibly busy, but also a very spiritual experience to speak in spiritual places.

Wards we spoke in this summer:

July 10th- South Weber 6th Ward
July 10th- Jordan North 2nd Ward

July 17th- Riverton 13th Ward
July 17th- Hunter 8th Ward
July 17th- Jordan North 4th Ward

July 24th- Orchard Park Ward
July 24th- Single Adult Fireside 

July 31st- Jordan North 8th Ward
July 31st- Copper Hills 1st Ward

August 14th- Spencer 1st Ward
August 14th- Spencer 2nd Ward

August 21st- Lancer Way Ward

August 28th- Highland 3rd Ward

September 18th- Mission Preparation fireside in St. George

If you would like to schedule the Royalty to come and speak in your ward next summer, please contact Cathy at 801-580-8565.