Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sugar House Rotary Club

Sugar House Rotary is the Sweetest Club in Rotary!

The Royalty was especially excited for their event today. The Rotary Club invited the mothers of the Royalty to attend for this speaking engagement.  All the visitors (a lot!) stood and introduced themselves. While we were all standing, the club sang us thing cute song:

"Welcome to Sugar House Rotary,
We're mighty glad you are here
We'd like to sing you a long song
But a wrong song might appear
So sit you down and make some
friends today.. Right here!"

Cassie, a Club Director, shared this wonderful thought, and she was kind enough to let us share it. We meet the most amazing people, and we feel lucky that Cassie said such wonderful things about the future generation.

"In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, in our country, royalty comes from what you do and who you are! As you will hear from these women today, their ROYALTY represents their accomplishments, their ability to understand that charity, patience, compassion, and truth are what makes them such a special brand of women, each individually talented and beautifully driven from their hearts because they know how to share their messages of personal history, love and hope. Bless us all on this wonderful day, bless the young people of our state and country-- for theirs is the world of our future!"

Baylee, with her mother Christine Hansen. Christine always has the most AMAZING jewelry!! She drives all the way from St. George to support Baylee and the Royalty.

Stephanie with her mother, Laura Bland. She has the most beautiful smile and we can see where Steph gets her luscious brown hair! Laura drives from the top of Utah, Smithfield, to be with Steph.  
Cathy Ehlert was Rachel's mom today. Rachel's mom is hosting a Family Reunion for over 70 people, so she wasn't able to attend. But Rachel's mom is pretty great:)

Thank you to all the members of the Sugar House Rotary for making the event so fun and memorable. A special thank you to their President, Ken Simpson. You truly are the sweetest club!

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