Saturday, June 4, 2016

ISDUP Leadership Seminar

The Annual Daughters of Utah Pioneers Leadership Seminar was held in the David Conference Center on Saturday, June 4th. DUP Company Presidencies gathered for a day of training. The Royalty was invited to attend their closing banquet. As Royalty, we all have pioneer ancestry and are ambassadors for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Rachel was particularly excited to be at the event, because there were 3 generations of her family in attendance. Her Grandmother, Edna Walchli Stratford is the Corresponding Secretary for the Weber Far South Company. Her Aunt Sharon Stratford Johnson is Company President for the Cache South Company. Edna Lou Baker was there from the Company in Rupert Idaho. She was a Sister in Rachel's mission in New Zealand, and they are distant cousins. 
Edna Stratford, Rachel Kennedy, and Edna Lou Baker at the closing banquet.

The St. George company was thrilled to see Baylee, who is their hometown girl. Stephanie got a special shout out from a Company who had traveled from Washington State, where she served her LDS mission. 

During the banquet, we were excited to sing "Our Pioneer Things" to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. Rachel played the ukulele for accompaniment. The song is typed below:

Rachel, Baylee, and Stephanie singing "Our Pioneer Things"
             "Our Pioneer Things" 
Covers on wagons with oxen and handcarts
Strong valiant saints-- who sacrificed their hearts. 
Sweet little children who'd walk while they sing
These are a few of our pioneer things.

Families-- courageous and steadfast, unwary
Faithfully pushing through snow-covered prairie
Never aware of the legends they'd leave
These are a few of our pioneer things.

Through Winter Quarters and onward toward Zion

Obeying a prophet, on Brigham relyin'
Trusting in God with full humility
These are a few of our pioneer things.

When the storms come
When my life's rough

When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember those brave pioneers
And then I don't feel so bad! 

Thank you to the International Daughters of Utah Pioneers Presidency for inviting us, and putting on such a wonderful conference. 

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