Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Young Women's Etiquette Night

Our first event wearing our new business outfits!

     We are a little behind in posting about this wonderful event we had in South Draper earlier this month on May 4th. The Young Women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward and their mothers were invited to this event, put on by their church leaders.

     The Leaders asked us to help with their "Etiquette Night" and present a 30 minutes program. As the Royalty, we found our inspiration from the scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, 25:4 "For thou art an elect lady". We focused on three main points of how we as women can become better from the outside in: Appearance, Speech, and Integrity. Rachel taught about appearance, Baylee spoke about our speech, and Stephanie explained integrity. We then had a musical number, "As Sisters in Zion". Stephanie accompanied while Baylee and Rachel sang a duet.

     Crepe bars were at each table with toppings including creme fresh, Nutella, and strawberries. They were delicious! They also had hot chocolate, and it was all on fine china. The girls practiced eating with good etiquette.

     We then had a "tips and tricks" portion of the night where we taught the women the etiquette that we've learned, especially through the pageant. We demonstrated:

  • Sitting properly in a chair
  • Standing with good posture with your shoulders back
  • Bending down gracefully to pick up things 
  • Etiquette with  cell phones
  • How to eat with a full dining set

     We asked that the girls take notes on the paper we provided because we believe these are all important aspects in becoming a more elect lady.

     The night was so much fun and we want to thank all the women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward for making it a wonderful experience. The YW leaders spent a lot of time preparing for the event, the girls and mothers came looking their best, and we as a royalty had a lot of fun preparing for the night. Thank you!!

The Young Women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward

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