Friday, May 20, 2016

Pioneer Kids Day of Service

Students in the 6th grade from Farmington and Kaysville came together to give service in the Pioneer Kids Day at This is the Place Park on May 20th. Joyce Ellertson was the Chair of the event, and she helped plan the service project of pulling weeds all around the Park to beautify and clean up. All the students who volunteered came ready with gloves, trowels, shovels, and smiles. We bagged the weeds and then crew picked up the bags, and there were a lot! These kids know how to work hard. 

The students volunteered for a couple of hours, and then ate packed lunches on the lawn. We didn't pack lunch as a Royalty, but our Adviser, Judy Binns, spoiled us with doughnuts from the Social Hall.. Yum!

We were sad that our Queen, Baylee, was not able to attend the event. She sent her spirit of service and gratitude while she was helping others in need. 

As Days of '47 Royalty, we love to be dressed up and looking pretty, but we also love to serve and get our hands dirty. 


"Though we rightly applaud our ancestors for their spiritual achievements, those of us who prevail today will have done no small thing." 
Neal A. Maxwell

Saturday, May 7, 2016

New Royalty Photo Shoot

     We had the special opportunity to take photos with Chuck Uibel and Lloyd Blackburn showing our three new outfits provided for us by the International Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

We fell in love with our blue formal gowns from Ypsilon Dresses, but they needed a lot of alterations to cover our shoulders and back. Marianne Breitenbeker, the amazing seamstress from Brigham City, was able to make the alterations quickly and beautifully

Our Western Wear was easily chosen at A. A. Callisters. We especially love our white boots, and think we'd make pretty great cowgirls:) 
We took pictures at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, the State Capitol, Memory Grove, and This is the Place State Park. 
Five hours went by quickly! Luckily, we all enjoyed smiling and the photos turned out great.

Our Business Wear came together quickly at Macy's. We must love coral and blue because without trying, all our outfits fit in the same color scheme.

Special thanks to Chuck Uibel
& Lloyd Blackburn

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Young Women's Etiquette Night

Our first event wearing our new business outfits!

     We are a little behind in posting about this wonderful event we had in South Draper earlier this month on May 4th. The Young Women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward and their mothers were invited to this event, put on by their church leaders.

     The Leaders asked us to help with their "Etiquette Night" and present a 30 minutes program. As the Royalty, we found our inspiration from the scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, 25:4 "For thou art an elect lady". We focused on three main points of how we as women can become better from the outside in: Appearance, Speech, and Integrity. Rachel taught about appearance, Baylee spoke about our speech, and Stephanie explained integrity. We then had a musical number, "As Sisters in Zion". Stephanie accompanied while Baylee and Rachel sang a duet.

     Crepe bars were at each table with toppings including creme fresh, Nutella, and strawberries. They were delicious! They also had hot chocolate, and it was all on fine china. The girls practiced eating with good etiquette.

     We then had a "tips and tricks" portion of the night where we taught the women the etiquette that we've learned, especially through the pageant. We demonstrated:

  • Sitting properly in a chair
  • Standing with good posture with your shoulders back
  • Bending down gracefully to pick up things 
  • Etiquette with  cell phones
  • How to eat with a full dining set

     We asked that the girls take notes on the paper we provided because we believe these are all important aspects in becoming a more elect lady.

     The night was so much fun and we want to thank all the women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward for making it a wonderful experience. The YW leaders spent a lot of time preparing for the event, the girls and mothers came looking their best, and we as a royalty had a lot of fun preparing for the night. Thank you!!

The Young Women of the South Mountain 3rd Ward

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pass the Baton Dinner

Left to right:
Stephanie Bland, Rachel Kennedy, and Baylee Hogan
Madeline Field, Christina Muhlestein, and Kaitlin Paxton Ward
    We were able to meet with the outgoing and incoming Days of '47 Royalty this Tuesday, May 3rd. Our "Pass the Baton Dinner" was filled with advice, sharing memories, and of course, great food! Some of the great tips the outgoing royalty gave were to remember who you are serving and why. This opportunity is about representing our pioneer ancestors, and Utah's ancestors, so they encouraged us to find out as much as we can about the pioneers. They also helped us see how beneficial networking will be, and to enjoy the many opportunities that we'll have as a special privilege of serving in this capacity.
      A few years ago, the Royalty started a journal that has continued to be passed down through the Royalty generations. The Queen, 1st Attendant, and 2nd Attendant all have a different journal and each girl has left a note as their legacy and then pass it on to the current Royalty member. We will continue the tradition and pass on the journal next year.

Dinner at Blue Lemon with the Cathy and Judy
     We have the most amazing advisers! Cathy Ehlert and Judy Binns, thank you for all that you do. They accompany us to all of our events, coordinate our schedules, and continually inspire us and remind us of our purpose as the Days of '47 Royalty. Madeline, Christina, and Kaitlin all had sweet gifts and notes for Cathy and Judy to express their gratitude for the past year. They volunteer their time away from family and their busy live's because they love the Daughter's of Utah Pioneers and the Royalty they get to work with.
How neat to have 6 RM's!
     We could quickly feel the love for the outgoing Royalty, for our advisors, and for each other as the current Royalty. This year is going to be fantastic, and just looking at each other we can feel something special. I truly believe we were chosen not just because the judges gave us good scores, but because each of us has something important to offer the community and something even more rewarding to learn from this experience.